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Check out this list of top 15 pimped out wheelchairs. These tricked out wheelchairs may give you a few ideas of how you can customize your own chair.

Top 15 Pimped Out Wheelchairs – KD Smart Chair

Lindsay has grown up in a wheelchair, but she hasn't let that stop her from being a normal 4th grader!

Hi, My Name is Lindsay Cochran: I Am in a Wheelchair Because I Have SMA

A young girl with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and a sunny demeanor teaches her family about optimism, faith, and courage.

Buying a wheelchair is a significant investment. If you’re wondering how to buy a wheelchair, this article will help you avoid some basic missteps.

Definitive Guide On How To Buy A Wheelchair & Protect Your Investment

Knowing how to buy a wheelchair will save you time, money and peace of mind.

Fleece Wheelchair Armrest Pouches :: armrest bag for wheelchairs provide convenient storage and added comfort for wheelchair users.

Fleece Wheelchair Armrest Pouches Package of 2 washable denim fabric bags with fleece armrests easily attach with wheelchair arms.

Kozee Handz Electric Wheelchair Panel Kover

Kozee Handz Electric Wheelchair Panel Kover

A wheelchair control panel cover to protect against rain and other bad weather.

wheelchair. >>> See it. Believe it. Do it. Watch thousands of spinal cord injury videos at SPINALpedia.com

Parafree Wheelchair Sporty Core Body Training Machine for Paraplegics by Felix Lange

Wheelchair Concept by Neilson Navarrete, via Behance

One of the most amazing, comfortable and advanced wheelchair imagined is the one you see pictured above. The brainchild of the Philippine based designer Neilson Navarrete who looked up to…

Pimped Out Wheelchair | Do you like ATV's then you will like this wheelchair, the owner was a ...

Pimp My Ride "My Wheelchair Ride"

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