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Ugh people need to avoid all the gosh darn Innuendos!!!!!! Seriously what is the Point of Following and then Un-following

Me in every single serious situation.

I always forget to charge my phone so I literally charge it for like a minute and I hope it works

I put it in airplane mode. at least it charges a bit faster.

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It is unnatural~ Nancer Bonkat

I'm using this!!!

I'm using this!!!

Teenager Post

The sad facts of life

Teenager Posts

Especially when you are in the car singing at the top of your lungs and it was your boss that you accidentally called…true story, haha!

The best thing in the world

that's how communication works! For those who like to live dangerously.

So true

Oh yes yes gihii

Hahahahahahaha this happens all the time, once and the whole class was listening to our conversation and we were talking about our crush

Teenager Post - That awkward moment when you're talking to your friend and suddenly the whole class goes quiet.

Y to the E to the S!

Coughs uncontrollably and shouts her name

Leticia Chavez - Google+

Leticia Chavez - Google+

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Most accurate teen post ever


Thank you Pringle Companies.

Yes so true this is pretty much me

Teenager Post # 24961 - This really makes sense.

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pretty much. At home: EATS THE WHOLE FRIDGE. At friend's house: eats crumb."Oh, I'm full." *secretly is starving*<<<whaaattt?


That awkward moment when someone is standing in front of a grocery item you need so you pretend to look or something else until they move (Try Not To Laugh Teenager Posts)