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Boxers have this thing about being in a pile....have you ever seen so much love and slobber in one place at one time??  SH

Boxer Pictures - Pictures of Boxer Dogs

Boxers have this thing about being in a pile.have you ever seen so much love and slobber in one place at one time? SH --- dont u just love their faces! :) love me some boxer babies

Boxer beach baby! love those ears!

Ahhhh, cant wait to finally get my boxer! New family edition!

Throughout the years- Sir Dakoda, Megan, Chelsea, Madlyn, Max, Rudy, Khloe and Jax.  Thank you for 23+ years of therapy and still going strong!  Adopt, don't shop! Rescue your best friend and therapist!

Boxers! My Therapist Works for Cookies Men's Classic T-Shirts

My therapist is choosy about the types of cookies he likes.

The perfect gift basket!!

These are my all time favorite dog! I've had two of them and they are extremely smart and playful. Very loyal and will protect you at all costs.


Boxer Awwww hmmmm, what an absolute gorgeous doggie. I would love a little chat and kiss from this doll.

just resting... Boxer style

how do they all look so different, but exactly the same?

If you don't fight them, you will never want to let them go out of your life. See why at http://barkingtails.com

Do You Have a Boxer? Let's Gear Up to Fight That Evil Breed In 29 Ways

I had a boxer puppie just like this one, her name was Molly

this has to be one of the creepiest dogs I've ever seen

Jasmine the White Boxer Dog Red White Boxer Puppies Funny Wallpapers For Android. Dogs, Boxer, Puppies, The

Kết quả hình ảnh cho boxer dog

Boxer - Energetic and Funny

Wedding bulldog daisy Flower Crown Toni Kami ❀Flowers in their coats❀

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