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Hinata, Kageyama, and Noya trying to lick their elbows

ever the cynical one hahahaha / cute comic strip /Hinata / Kageyama / and Noya trying to lick their elbows / Haikyuu / hq / karasuno

Kenma the cat || Lev you idiot, lol kuroo never gonna let Lev forget this xD:

Haikyuu comic - Lev, you should have known that it will end like that.

Haikyuu!! Texts  omfg Kenma hahahaha XD

Texts omfg Kenma hahahaha XD yo but can we just take a second to let it sink in that kuroo's contact is daddy

Bokuto/Kuroo/Kenma/Hinata Fanart 《Haikyuu!!》

I don't know if I'm shocked that Hinata thought that they were making out and he could possible be shipping it or if the fact that Kuroo and Bokuto making a rocket

Kageyama's Smile | Haikyuu!! | Anime

Kageyama wanted to do this one thing perfectly for once. He wanted to smile. No, not that smile that gives the creepy aura. But the smile that was. how to smile // kageyama tobio