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ATTACK ON AMERICANS: The racial rioting and murder by whites against black members of their community in 1917, East St. Louis, Illinois

east st louis riot 1917 In May, three thousand white men gathered in downtown East St. Louis and attacks on blacks began.

Why we must continue to stride for Social, Political & Economic Independence & full Equality...

Tulsa, OK in the early had many black-owned businesses.oil companies, law firms, etc. In racial discord came to a head and the black business area of Tulsa was burned to the ground with many deaths.

In 1985, The Philadelphia Police ordered a bomb strike on members of the MOVE organization living in the middle of a heavily populated black neighborhood. As the family members ran out of the burning house, they were repeatedly shot at and many of them were either killed or forced to run back in.

On May Philadelphia police dropped explosives containing on the roof of a house where members of the black liberation social justice organization MOVE lived. Right before, police attacked the house with rounds of ammunition in 90 minutes.

The 1910 Slocum Massacre: An Act of G…

On July citizens in the small, predominately African American town of Slocum, Texas were massacred. That morning, hundreds of white citizens from the surrounding community converged on Sl.

Black Genocide in Wilmington

PRESS THE VISIT BUTTON November 1898 - Two days after the local elections in Wilmington, NC, the democratically elected and biracial government was overthrown by Democratic Party White Supremacists. Over white men participated in an attack on th

people should read about this man just to know this stuff for themselves and stop waiting for the school system of your hometown to provide you with this information.

Leopold II of Belgium - massacred and maimed million Africans to control African diamond & gold resources. This is focus of Tarzan movie.

Idumea (Edomites) behind this foolishness.

An Adduce Of The Times: "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

christianity is the white version of OUR history book, the Bible. we must read  and study this holy Book for ourselves. Esau CANNOT teach us OUR history!!

christianity is the European version of OUR history book, the Bible. we must read and study this holy Book for ourselves. Esau CANNOT teach us OUR history!

Black Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma. America's worst Terrorist attack. 300 to 3000 Blacks & Indians killed in 1921.

Black Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma. 300 to 3000 Blacks & Indians killed in Never Forget

And this is a lesson for everyone

But we couldnt share a water fountain but your white baby drinking my milk.