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#phil's mum

I love phils mom <--- I can't tell if that was intended as a "phil's mum" joke or not, but if it wasn't, then I agree :)<<< I love Phils mum too much she's my adopted mum even if she doesn't know

tabitha casper and dil howlter - Google Search | OMG THIS IS JUST TOO FREAKY ACCURATE FOR WORDS.

Top: Tabitha Casper (aka T-Bag in Dan and Phil language) Middle: Dil Howlter Bottom: Eliza Pancakes (aka Dil's stalker)

I fell and they are not idiots!!!! Whoever thinks they're idiots.......

I fell and they are not idiots! Whoever thinks they're idiots.<< woah calm down we don't actually think they're idiots.how long have you been in the phandom honestly

Dan and I are very alike

(gif) or the human embodiment of Winnie the Pooh [danisnotonfire]

WHAAAAAT!!! Did u see that episode. Oh my gosh!!

We have found her<<She's also majorly obsessed with Dan and Phil, so yeah, too similar! So creepy!<< And she was in Dan and Phil react to teens react to Dan and Phil!