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gif on how to eat chocolate indefinitely. I see nothing wrong with this but seriously doubt if it works. I NEED A BAR OF CHOCOLATE!

Melt your mind with these optical illusions!<< some for me are simply indescribable... :O

Melt your mind with these optical illusions!

I fucking lost my pencil sharpener and now I can't draw cause all my pencils suck and it's not like I even need a pencil sharpener like I've literally sharpened pencils with my teeth when I'm desperate but I needed that sharpener and it tore out my heart


Pac-Man illusion

If you stare at the crosshair long enough, you will see a green dot moving around the purple dots. If you keep staring, eventually the purple dots disappear and all you see is the nonexistent green dot.

Connor O'Brien - Google+

Click through to see this animated (gif) optical illusion. Cover the middle and you go faster, cover the outside and you go slower.

After countless illusions in the media recently, let's see if you're good enough to get this one right.

Can You Spot The 'c' In This Optical Illusion?

After countless illusions in the media recently, let& see if you& good enough to get this one right.

Shake your head and look like an idiot to anyone around you. NPH!

Fun For Everyone

Optical Illusions Spinning-gizmodo.com 바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법

20 Optical Illusions That Might Break Your Mind

a couple illusions that i tryed and they worked tell me if they worked for you.all you do is stare at the picture for 30 seconds and tell me if it works or not.they move

Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown With This Little Trick

If you stare at this image, it will disappear. WTF it worked/// And if you stare for a couple extra seconds, it comes back.