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The best way to see the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

THE BLUE LAGOON (aka. Bláa lónið) (written by Lotta) The Blue Lagoon (not to be confused with the 1980 film starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins) could easily be the most photographed place.

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The Secret to Walking Among the Highly Favored - Margaret Feinberg

Upcoming Film by Caucaso Directed by Enrico Masi and Stefano Migliore World Premiere Museo Nazionale del Cinema - Torino  THE LOW BARRIER - ITA DOC 53' 2014 If Degrowth could be a Space,  there is an opportunity for nonplaces to become places back  In collaboration with  University of Bologna Libera Gruppo Abele  Art Director Stefano Croci, Attilio Spanò Project curator Laura Corazza General Supervisors Sara Donini, Laura Luppi Pedagogical Supervision Alessandro Zan…

Documentary Italy 2014 Director: Enrico Masi and Stefano Migliore

forester park parking Photo - Visual Hunt

forester park parking Photo - Visual Hunt

Photo by Christopher Sardegna