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I am an old....

"I am an old southern woman, and I am supposed to wear funny clothes, ugly hats, and dig in the dirt. I did not make the rules.

Good Scissors Tea-towel for @Lean Ni Chuilleanain

I do remember breaking a pair of those good scissors, doing something I shouldn't have been doing.I also remember using "cloth scissors/shears" for paper.sorry Mom.

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If you cain't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch! Southern Sayings

What you say when you see somebody you ain't seen in a long time! ... or a pretty girl (if you're a guy ... or a handsome man (if you're a girl).  LOL!

the pretty sweet life: sweet southern sayings- Well, you're a sight for sore eyes!

I don't really mean this as a question as much as a STATEMENT!!

Dag-nabbitt, if I told you once I told you a hunderd times, y'all don't have the sense God gave a cotton boll. You're outta your cotton pickin mind.