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Inventing 101: Reinventing the Wheel - Improving Existing Ideas

In this Inventing we're going to explore how the majority of inventions are improvements on existing ideas.

In this InvENting 101, we're going to give you some tips on reading legal contracts.

InvENting 101: The Importance of Reading

In this InvENting we're going to give you some tips on reading legal contracts.


Positive Quotes – This Weekend To-Do List Will Make Your Week So Much Easier Positive Quotes n Description Mentally walk through your Monday morning to-do list:

Everything you need to know about brand licensing in the world of products, fashion and sports: blog.edisonnation.com

Inventing 101: An Inside Look at the World of Brand Licensing

What are some things you need to know to navigate the world of licensing?


Inventing 101: Patience and Inventing

It's not only a virtue.it's one of the hardest parts of the inventing process.

What happens when your idea is presented for licensing to our partners? Explore on the blog.

From G1-G8: What happens in Stage 7, the Finalist stage

Passing through this stage means you are a finalist and your idea will be presented to the search sponsor - this is also known as becoming a

Where I am right now.. patience

Where I am right now.. patience


Inventing 101: Incubating an Invention Idea

Where do you come up with your invention ideas? In this Inventing we explore the art of invention idea incubation.