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Nyx, the goddess of the Night. Nyx stood at or near the beginning of creation, and was the mother of personified gods such as Hypnos (sleep) and Thánatos (death). Her appearances in mythology are sparse, but reveal her as a figure of exceptional power and beauty.

Why does she like the moon? What just happened to make her come here? Is she in a difficult position? Does she have a major choice ahead of her?

The Moon Tower Art Print

The Moon Tower Art Print

victoriousvocabulary: LUNACOLOUS [noun] Fanciful (neologism): living on or in the moon. Etymology: from Latin lūna, “moon; crescent” + -colous, a combining form meaning “inhabiting”. [Paula Belle Flores - The Moon Tower]

Moon Girl by RomysStuff on DeviantArt

I just made something quick, because I don´t have much time lately . anyway the (stupid) moon took forever. I used so many references that it wasn´t normal anymore.

Sweet dreams

Flying to the moon girl child holding balloons floating up to moon shadow of children in front of full bright moon.