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TYPEFACE POSTER FUTURA by Freudtzsche, via Flickr

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I like the use of lines in this composition. The strong diagonal lines really draw the viewer's eye into the design.   Tumblr — Designspiration

Baskerville - The perfection of a Font. Typographic poster by KOYOOX that shows the perfectionism of the Baskerville typeface.

Baskerville Type Specimen Poster | Designer:  Koyoox. The simple colors of grey and white makes this poster look very sleek and suits the style of Baskerville. The circles and grid in the background makes the poster look like a blue print of some sort. The last thing I just noticed was the subtle "g" in the bottom left, which balances out the piece nicely.

O design gráfico de Koyuki Inagaki via @pristinaorg

A2-TYPE specimen Recent typefaces for commercial use, 2011 A2-TYPE, London www.a2-type.co.uk  Bespoke typefaces and design

A2-TYPE specimen Recent typefaces for commercial use, 2011 A2-TYPE, London www.a2-type.co.uk Bespoke typefaces and design

The overlapping and interweaving type brings to life the action of the fox jumping over the dog and gives this famous phrase a point of difference

Type Specimen Poster by Jonathan Fuhrken, via Behance I'm enjoying the bold choice of using such a simple overly used phrase against a nice finish and texture. Shows the structure of the characters very well!

Constructivist poster by Alexander Rodchenko. In revolutionary Soviet Russia, artistic theory on collage and other manipulation of images to express ideas developped. The constructivists build ideas as they build images, in line with the goal to build a new society.

Georgii and Vladimir Stenberg - 1929 construtivist movie poster for the film The Man With a Movie Camera (Dziga Vertov)

1) About:Posters inspired by airline tickets 2)Hierarchy: 1.Location 2. Airline 3.Flight number 4.Type as texture 3) Title: All caps in center 4) Typefaces: 1 sans serif & 1 serif in different weights & sizes 5) Colors: each poster is limited to black, white, gray, and an accent color (red, blue, green, yellow) 6) Unknown designer

Love these city posters inspired by airline tickets. Need more than one, of course. Via Smith Smith Smith Armstrong (get on for each place we have been (together) (or after we have a family) each vacation or just the honeymoon and other important pla


Bringing order to chaos, Piet Zwart beautifully marries the ideals of Dada and De Stijl, giving emphasis and form to a mess of type lost without purpose.

good layout in baskerville

Bakersville Color is extremely distracting, I think the type is in an awkward column and I'd like to see more of the font in a unique design