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Doula Business Manifesto - Someday this will be me!

Not a doula. But i love the affirmations Doula Business Manifesto-What a great vision for doula work!

Eating and Drinking in Labor - what does the evidence say?

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VBAC success #childbirth #pregnancy #birth http://findyourbalancehealth.com/2014/04/my-vbac-success-plan

Our healthcare system is not setting us up for success with natural childbirth or VBAC. It’s time to take matters into our own hands.

Informed Consent. Dx of schizophrenia or other Psych disorder does not affect decision making capacity.

The Midwives Model of Care hinges on informed consent and shared decision making.

Cytotec is not approved by the FDA to induce labor. The company that manufactures Cytotec also strongly warns against the use of this drug for the induction of labor. It can cause uterine rupture as well as fetal and maternal death among many other things. Please if you are pregnant do not agree to the use of Cytotec for your induction.

Cytotec is scary stuff and may be used for induction by an OB.even though its not FDA approved for that use. Make an informed decision