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AMAZING: Turkish Court Shuts Down Mandatory Vaccination - Truth Kings

Police raid homes to force vaccinate.

The Lead Vaccine Developer Comes Clean So She Can “Sleep At Night”: Gardasil and Cervarix Don’t Work, Are Dangerous, and Weren’t Tested

Dead, Lifeless Food – FDA Aims to Sterilize Our Food Through the Food Safety Modernization Act


Top Pharma-Brand of Children’s Vitamins Contains Aspartame, GMOs, & Other Hazardous Chemicals

VacTruth.com - Your Child. Your Choice.

Many doctors paid by pharmaceutical companies to give favorable speeches about vaccines and medications.

Kinship and Foster Carers go through the same checks, training and have the same role as a non-related carer. Yet, there is a clear disparity in the financial support offered by local authorities. This support then ceases, in part, once the carer wishes to apply for SGO or adopts the child!

Petition: Provide Fair Financial Support for Fostering and Adoption Families

Petition: Extend Harvey's Mandate To All Council Roads ensuring all animals are scanned.

Sugar: Killing us Sweetly. Staggering Health Consequences of Sugar on Health of Americans. In September 2013, a bombshell report from Credit Suisse’s Research Institute. The group revealed that approximately “30%–40% of healthcare expenditures in the USA go to help address issues that are closely tied to the excess consumption of sugar." Coronary heart diseases, type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome, which numerous studies have linked to excessive sugar intake.

Sugar: Killing us Sweetly. Staggering Health Consequences of Sugar on Health of Americans

“Time Magazine accidentally reveals greater autism fraud” by Jon Rappoport » The Robert Scott Bell Show | The Robert Scott Bell Show

Sources: Age of Autism, Focus Autism Foundation— Age of Autism article: “Senior government scientist breaks 13 years’ silence on CDC’s .

45 Quotes Describing Conservatives: 4. “Conservatism discards Prescription, shrinks from Principle, disavows Progress; having rejected all respect for antiquity, it offers no redress for the present, and makes no preparation for the future.” ~Benjamin Disraeli  The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” ~John Kenneth Galbraith

35 Founding Father Quotes Conservative Christians Will Hate -All are very important. All faiths have freedom of religion!

Obeying Protocol, School Keeps Girl Outside in  -5 Degrees in Wet Bathing Suit

Free Range Kids- Raising your child to be a independent thinker who can be in charge of themselves when the situation arises.

Lorrin Kain (PSA) - Preserve Parental Choice for Vaccination - YouTube

Oregon Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward is at it again. In February, Senator Hayward (who is a physician) introduced a bill to take away the right to informed