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One Direction will be in Atlanta June so if I can snag tickets I can go to my first concert!

You can't say they don't care. So to all the haters, sit down.

better start saving because mama wants a Niall cutout!

This is just bullying. Number one you don't get to think you are above everybody because of what you believe in. Number two, you don't get to just accuse somebody of being gay. Number three, if somebody's gay and you don't like it, you dont have to associate with them. God loves everybody and nobody but him gets to pass judgment like this church is. It's not their job to decide who's going to hell or not.

that is so above and beyond i cant believe it! that westboro group are just crazies!


Like seriously. there is this one guy I sit by in class. and he always makes up rude things about them. he doesn't get that these 5 boys are my lifeeee


Well I could legally marry all of them.if they knew of my existence<<< All you have to do is get them to Madagascar

I think they secretly are best friends. Why isn't it still like this?

Back before all the drama. They were friends at one point in time then The Wanted turned into jerks.

Hahahaha if Rianna ever goes missing, I'll have the description of the van ;-)

Hahahaha if I ever go missing my family has a description if the van.

Summer 2013... Repin if you survived! But Niall joining 5SOS was the best thing.

Summer 2013 was a busy summer for us

And you step on a Lego... Barefoot... In the dark... While going to the bathroom.

And you step on a Lego. In the dark. While going to the bathroom. <<< And then you step in a puddle of milk you spilled all over the floor with brand new socks.

Sometimes you don't need words to hear, but feel it in the heart. The most loving thoughts and people who don't want to talk anymore while they are thinking good bye.

The queen? the cat? the bitch? and I have been called many names……. I have a SOUL and I have a HEART!

YESSS I love you Niall !!! He stood up for us!! But management deleted it like 3 minutes later.. -.-    **from http://www.facebook.com/pages/1DFamily/321731727873985 :)

"YESSS I love you Niall ! But management deleted it like 3 minutes later.- I totally remember this!