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Dżihadyści uderzyli na wioskę. Nie żyje ponad 20 osób

As prosecutors prepare to try five Minnesota men accused of attempting to join ISIS, we're learning more about the group's plans to attack the U. Specifically, at least one of the five intended to establish routes from Syria to the …

The death of real journalism in America. Now it is simply opinion, propaganda and censored by liberal media. GnG

Cannabis Engineer: The Earth revolved around the sun: The DEA and Can.


I terroristi che l’Occidente protegge. Indovina chi e perché.

what would your Creepy military force be called? Comment below! We are interested. :)

Creepiest military forces around the world…

Funny pictures about Creepiest military forces around the world. Oh, and cool pics about Creepiest military forces around the world. Also, Creepiest military forces around the world.

War profiteers to begin drilling for oil in Syria — in violation of international Law

Cheney, Rothschild, and Fox News’ Murdoch to Drill for Oil in Syria, Violating International Law

m_1313423878510 — Postimage.org

m_1313423878510 — Postimage.org

Congressman Explores Obama Impeachment During Judiciary Hearing

Legal Expert At Today’s Judiciary Hearing: ‘The Check on Executive lawlessness is Impeachment’ (Video)

(Allen West) – I must say, it would just be better if President Obama declined to make any comments about national security and military operations. His continued commentary indicates someone who hasn’t a doggone clue and displays an unimaginable level of confusion and incompetence. Even worse, the sons of others will have to pay the ...

Obama Makes INSANE Move Against U.S. Military… This WILL Cost Lives - Tea Party News

President Barack Obama today asked for the United States Congress to pass a resolution authorizing the president to make war against the Islamic State and “associated persons or forces” so long as the

Isis devils..

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Syrian Group Confirms ISIS Abducted At Least 150 Christians After They Overran Village « Pat Dollard

Un Marine: “Lo Stato-mostro, siamo noi”

Shocking Photos emerge U S Marines burning bodies of Iraqi insurgents