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After Susan Rice Exposed, NSA Drops BOMBSHELL About Obama Himself!

After Susan Rice Exposed, NSA Drops BOMBSHELL About Obama Himself!

Warfit Tactical (@WarfitTactical) | Twitter

Yes, we are in decline. Look around you, it's a nightmare out there. Thanks Obama low info voters and socialist democrats.

Goodbye Obama

Another Pinner said: Goodbye Obama. America won't miss the worst president in the history of America! I pray Donald Trump wins so everything you did to destroy this country will be reversed.

#ncpol #sctweets #teaparty Can Obama see his own impeachment from the WH porch...

OBAMA: Benghazi Cover Up - Libya 'Stand Down' Orders - U. Arms Supply to Syria - Fast and Furious - Unilateral Disarmament of America - White House Leaks.the list goes on!

I'm for English as the Official  American Language! Put it into Law! -previous pinner

Why do liberals leave Shit hole countries and then try to make the US a carbon copy of the place they just left?

Amazing isn't it. Ever stand in line at the DMV? How about your Post Office? Now they want to be involved in my healthcare?!?! No thank you!!!

Let the rednecks building fences the illegals will never make it over then

To a Liberal: All mass murders are Conservative.   To a Conservative: So how are all those new gun laws working for you!

Holy smokes what a failure. How's that gun control working for you, Obama? Wake up America! Bill Clinton to Hillary Clinton mass shootings combined, if Hillary takes office for America is massive shootings.

Vote Donald Trump..The Only Choice.....Dive In And Quickly Discover…Safe, Private, Life-Affirming, Sheet-Grabbing, Scream-Out-Loud, Scrape-Me-Off-The Ceiling Orgasms Pleasure. Order Now! Http://3xtoys.Ca

Democrats - Wake up America.in order to truly understand the democratic party you need to study their history. They want to keep you under their thumbs.not free.

Laughing at LIBS  I miss Chris Farley. Funny guy! RIP

Every single ghetto in America is run by democrats and has become a ghetto due to many years under the control of democrats. Exhibit A: Detroit, MI-- the nation's largest ghetto.