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Castle and Beckett - Beneath Your Beautiful ♥

Castle and Beckett - Beneath Your Beautiful - Love the show, love the song, AWESOME video

Castle | You're beautiful. There are several fanvids with "Beneath Your Beautiful". This is one of the better ones. The Caskett journey from season one through five.

Will you let me see beneath your perfect facade?all about letting down our guards and showing that we are in fact human! "Beneath your Beautiful" by Labrinth

If this doesn't count as cute I don't know.what does

If this doesn't count as cute I don't know.

Castle and Beckett - "One taste of my apple pie..." LOVE!!

SPOILERS Warning the clips move pretty fast Murder, He Wrote was just AWESOME, I can't describe how amazing it was, I am just too lost for words.

Castle || Rick Castle & Kate Beckett - You Talk Too Much

My best friend in the whole wide world suggested ages ago that I make this video, it's just taken me a long time. On the plus side, the result of my procrast.

Will you marry me?

Best/worst Castle moment ever. Worst because I had to wait 4 months before I got her answer!

"Four years, I've been right here!" This is just fantastic. I think it is probably my favorite part of the finale.

*All rights belong to ABC From of Castle; Entitled "Always" Warning: Contains scenes from "Always" which aired May 2012 If you have not seen the ep.