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I told you, it's my bed

I told you, it's my bed

Yeap, that's one vicious dog right there.  LOL

Modified Police Respond to Vicious Dog in Baltimore City. The dog was so vicious he licked the officer to death. :) The officer responded to a "dangerous pit bull" situation and came home with his new best friend.

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Her favorite story - Can you tell me the story of the time I almost caught the squirrel again

pit bull puppies - "We'll eat your toes, tiny human!" ;)

Funny pictures about The media be like. Oh, and cool pics about The media be like. Also, The media be like.

Doggie stickup!!!

Quality short legged jack russell terrier puppies at Colorado Jacks are extensively socialized with other puppies,dogs, my cat and children. Shorty jack breeder with 12 years of experience in raising happy and healthy short legged russell terrier puppies.

Brave dog. Most dogs don't survive encounters with Mountain Lions.

An old, but still awesome story. Some places incorrectly say he is a Pit Bull. Pits are awesome, but in this case the credit has to go to the Dogo Argentino breed. things-that-make-me-smile

TEDD handler SPC. Alexander Reimer, of the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, and his dog Howard pause for a moment during a foot patrol in Zharay District, Kandahar Province.

Top IED bomb detection Pit Bull on duty in Afghanistan. Howard, a Tactical Explosive Detection Dog in Kandahar, and a pibble! These pictures are amazing Andrew A. Nelles - Chicago Freelance Photojournalist: Afghanistan Part II

Amazing athlete...most intense competitive small breed the JRT

And they catch some SERIOUS air. 19 Jack Russell Terriers Totally Defying The Laws Of Physics