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“Bare-faced Curassow (Crax fasciolata)” by Octavio Campos Salles :)

"Come away, oh, human child" — Here

"Come away, oh, human child" — Here


Macaw in Flight by Witoldhippie Why we do not clip feathers in this house. Yes, other things must be modified, but the experience of flight, and the mental acuity of making decisions on the fly make for very happy parrots here.

Cabot's Tragopan (Tragopan caboti)

Cabot's tragopan (Tragopan caboti) is a pheasant found in south-east China. The common and scientific names of this large bird both commemorate the ornithologist Samuel Cabot III.

Whispered Treeswift

our-amazing-world: Whiskered Treeswift Amazing World beautiful amazing

The bearded tit.  (Photo: David Drangsland)

The bearded tit. (Photo: David Drangsland)


Red-billed Leiothrix ( Leiothrix lutea) is also called Pekin Robin, Pekin Nightingale and Japanese (Hill) Robin

Style & Gay - All I like in My Life

Style & Gay - All I like in My Life

Wreathed Hornbill

A male Wreathed hornbill with gular pouch. The female's pouch is blue. Hornbill - bird found in tropical and subtropical Africa, Asia, & Melanesia

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Swinhoe's Blue Pheasant - "Do they not see the birds, constrained in the middle of the sky? None withholds them but Allah; most surely there are signs in this for people who believe.