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Shes learned to fake being happy because no one was there for her when she needed it most.

I hate pinning these becaus I feel like people think Im begging for attention when really I need to feel like Im understood<<<THATS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL

I feel like this everyday, I sit there cross legged in the middle of the night thinking about where to go. - M

Im not myself anymore & that scares me the most. I feel empty, i feel lost. I just needed someone to make me feel like myself back.

That moment when you don't know WTF you're feeling

Inspirational Quotes: When you don’t know what the fuck do you feel.❤️ Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description When you don’t know what the fuck do you feel.


I don't fall or believe in love. I did once and that's when I told myself I was never gunna fall or believe in love ever again because they lied to me and broke my heart. But ever since I met you iv been falling for you. - I love you.

I still hope we will be friends again one day. I miss you lots. You were the best friend I`ve EVER had.

I am finding my self....

Why is it such a bad thing to think that you changed yourself? Change is inevitable. By realizing this, we take the power into our hands to make it positive change rather than bad.

wall quotes wall decals - Love Always

wall quotes wall decals - Love Always