Be him, there best friends) I smile and hug him. He was the bad boy and I was the smart girl who was on the cheerleading team. I really liked him, I blush lightly as he holds me. ((Credit to Marie The Blonde Panda

''Annabeth and Perseus Jackson''

[the mortal instruments] Art by Burdge bug. ~ Wish I knew who they are.*cough cough* Clary Fray *cough* and Jace-. Read the book its complicated.

Рисуем лицо младенца: пошаговый урок

Рисуем лицо младенца: пошаговый урок

남규님! 이 핀들을 놓치지 마세요...

Perhaps easier to use as drawing refetences than to recreate in real life :P


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