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How to make your own putz houses using an Exacto knife (I prefer Inkscape & an electronic cutter, but you can always learn from someone else's experience.)

Christmas DIY: Building a putz hous Building a putz house.really great tutorial and links! Write a supply list!

Glitter houses DIY with template downloads

Howard Lemay's patterns for little houses. They are wonderful patterns to help recreate vintage style Putz houses. (I have a handful of vintage cardboard houses I got after my grand mother past and I love everyone of them)

Pressed paper putz house with bottle brush trees,deer, glitter, and mica accents.

Hushed Meadows House

Putz houses from retro to traditional. Add to your Christmas village display with a new putz house that light up. Find your glitter paper putz house here!

Christmas village  I still have some

History of cardboard "putz" houses 1928 Made in Japan cardboard Christmas houses boxed set


My mom has a village of these vintage German paper houses. I remember the church had beautiful stain glass and would glow when lit. Love my childhood Christmas tradition memories!

Tutorial for glittering larger putz houses.

Here's a few more tips on making glitter houses. I must apologize for the bad pictures.