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Rituales para la Prosperidad

Lughnasadh or as the more modern Celtic call the beginning of harvest season, Lá Lúnasa, is on August We welcome the harvest of grain, .

Ya esta aquí el  equinoccio de primavera, el momento mágico en el cual dejamos atrás la época de siembra durante el frío invierno y entramos en el periodo en que todo florece y podemos recoger los …

Litha: The Longest Day Earth of sea and land and air Lit into opportunistic life by her mother star Energy for you and me to burst into bloom flit fly in busy devious thievery cacophonous rambling

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Lammas by Wendy Andrew. "Grain Mother Ker spreads Her Golden cloak across the land." Available as a greeting card.

Ishtar is also the goddess of fertility and war. She is often depicted with standing on a lion or with the talons and wings of an owl.

German goddess Ostara (or Eostre) is the goddess of Spring and the goddess for whom this sabbat is named. The goddess Ostara is also associated with the dawn.

#pipolem #Gatthe

#pipolem #Gatthe

By Karin Taylor

‘Serenity’ Canvas Print by © Karin Taylor

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Demeter~ Greek Goddess of Grain, Fertility, and Agriculture~ Mother of Persephone


Holly Sierra ~ American Magic realism painter