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Polska! KK would love this sign

KK would love this sign

Might not be quite appropriate, but funny nonetheless. Love Top Gear!

6 wheeled Mercedes

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He says, and I quote, that I sleep "like a starfish."

haha my hubby would say this is me! funny thing is he has gotten so used to sleeping there I wake up some times and he is there all by himself on the edge and I am on the other side of the bed.ME AND LEO BUT HES THE ONE DOING THE SMASHING!

1950 DATING ADVICE. oh lord. Brandon would've never married me back then ! lol

Dating Advice for Women circa 1950 "Don't sit in awkward positions" does seem like rather good advice. Love his face in the photos. boy have the times changed

This is hilarious. And I love how he refers to his wife as his permanent roommate.

Post it notes from a stay-at-home dad…

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just washing my balls

I can't stop laughing! <--- I love this kid's face-I'm crying laughing.

Ahhhhhh! Oh my goodness! I would find bladder/bowel control REAL fast if I saw this!

You were constipated?

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The bizarre story of Elmer McCurdy - mummified in 1911, found painted neon orange and hanging in an amusement park in 1976.  Click for the full (unbelievable!) story.

Elmer McCurdy (January 1880 – October was an outlaw killed in a gunfight in the Osage Hills in Oklahoma. A newspaper account gave Elmer’s last words as “You’ll never take me alive!

When you know you can't compete

Hahaha I'll be the house on the left and get my neighbors lights to put up the ditto and the arrow! I love decorating:)

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL -  funny, but I have to admit, I always hated the 1st day of school-it meant summer and all that lovely time with my kids was over :(

Mom and four kids pose for an honest back-to-school picture. I'm seeing a picture of my kids leaving my room on the last day of school with me jumping.