♪♫ Music ♪♫ guitar at the sunset {let the music play} La #música expresión fabulosa del ser humano, transmite de inmediato sensaciones - #music #musique

♪♫ Music ♪♫ guitar at the sunset {let the music play} just love to play guitar

Check out this wallpaper for your iPhone: http://zedge.net/w10408991?src=ios&v=2.5 via @Zedge

Are you aware that the bass guitar is music’s soul instrument? It gives the song life and if you can learn to play this excellent piece of instrument, you can impress your friends and family members. So don’t waste your time and s

Music by Victoria Akatsuki a.k.a. torikakuzuhidan. °

this photo reminds me of how I see music through my eyes. I like how the piano is in the eye and how the music notes are incorporated on her skin.

"The wind among the trees, playing the celestial symphonies; I see the branches downward bent, like keys of some great instrument."

Play the piano in the middle of nowhere. To be completely honest I daydream about this sometimes. Piano no Mori

Old trucks...guitars....and the country.. how much better can it get?...

An Erika Cole country music Knoxville photography shoot by JoPhoto in TN. Commercial photographers and band photography in Tennessee.

you can almost hear the music......(I know this is cello, not violin, but this seemed the best board to put it on)

♫♪ Music ♪♫ little girl playing cello. Reminds me of me at that age when I played cello.

Amadeus. Sue Primeau @ilikebluetea http://iclarelouise.tumblr.com http://m.soundcloud.com/clarelouiseroberts/

Watercolor and black gesso on Arches cold pressed paper. My love of music, Mozart and a piano playing mother inspired this piece and a series of music based paintings. Prints and note cards also available.