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Accurate. But Slytherin's more like let three people stand and tell three of the people who are sitting to bring something from somewhere (like a bowl of chips or something) and then the rest can sit down

My first thought was play a game of musical chairs and the first 3 out don't get to sit. But then finish the game so a winner can be declared. I feel like this is a Gryffindor mindset fight me

Not quite sure what 'cinnamon roll' symbolizes, but I find it funny all the same!

TMI cinnamon roll xD<<<You forgot about Simon! I guess he's like Clary. looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll.

It would be like "can you help me with my homework?" "Why are you doing homework for? Just kill the teacher or better yet kill a classmate and everyone will get A's"

Clerical error.

Writing Prompt -- Everyone is assigned a guardian angel who helps them out through life. However, due to a clerical error a demon was assigned to you.

I prefer action movies over most others sooo...youre wrong

I generally choose action over RomComs regularly. I have to be in the mood for the cheesy overdone love stories.

all the time! everything a teen does or says is ALWAYS attitude!!!


Oh my gosh. And then she's in a bad attitude and she's like " What the heck change yours stupid attitude" like please I'm not an adult

Yes, I use complete sentences and proper puncuation and still manage to be fast.

I think I am quite fast, it just depends if I can write what I want to say out well enough, or if I get distracted or not. xDI also use proper grammar and full stops now, blame my friend xD