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I actually really liked this episode. So much. I wasn't all that bothered about Sokka at first but oh my god I love him now.

Yes, Sokka, it’s ok. It is always okay. because seeing what beauty can be there before it is, is a beautiful thing. And rainbows are nice too.

Aang, Katara, Zokka, Suki, Zuko & Toph - Avatar el Ultimo Maestro Aire

Avatar the Last Airbender: past and present Suki doesnt look much different. ^ that's because Suki's the only one of the original team avatar that doesn't appear in Legend of Korra. I still cry << I kinda wish adult Aang looked different


The Butterflies Attic: Random Thought Thursday: Avatar The Last Airbender

Fight like a girl (Avatar the Last Airbender, action cartoon for boys, girly girls, and tomboys alike ;


You gotta admit, the Justice League looked pretty cool in Young Justice.