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The quality of the final print will be much higher.

Los grandes corazones se llenan con poco

Season of the Scorpion glowers here as summer and the end of the year approaches. It is a deep syrupy pause for understanding before the perfect storm that is the whirl of the festive season, where.

'Generations' - Watercolor and colored pencil with ink.  This is by my friend Stephanie Lostimolo... She is my all time fave raven artist!  Brilliant work!!!  Prints are available in her shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/​nethersphere

Raven Celtic Goddess by Artist Stephanie Lostimolo. The Triple Aspect Goddess (Morrigan): Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The Maiden Holds a Gold Ring in Her Beak, the Mother Holds a Ripe Rowan Branch, and the Crone Holds a Hag Stone.By Artist Unknown .

Roelandt Savery.This painting by by famed artist Roelandt savery shows another way that nature has been seen or documented, Paintings such as this can show us the stunning reality of nature, an exagerated view or something darker. This goes to show that nature can be seen from many points of view. (Roelandt Savery,2013)

The art of science - in pictures

One of the most famous and often-copied paintings of a Dodo specimen, as painted by Roelant Savery in the late The image came into the possession of the ornithologist George Edwards, who later gave it to the British Museum, hence the name.

Two for Joy by Sally Elford

Sally's debut Gocco print and a blinding success i say! Sally has hand finished the Magpies wings with watercolor paint. Open edition hand made gocco print.


Optical Illusion

A Craig Kosak painting of a raven totem animal perched on a stack of stones