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Interesting! I'm good at riddles...

Multimillionaire Forrest Fenn hides a treasure worth millions - WTF fun facts the riddle sounds like it's a waterfall I had to look up what it was but it sounds like that

Good people

Faith in humanity restored! This is so sweet, I almost want to cry! The best example of true friendship - WTF fun facts

Also a good writing prompt, especially if you want to write a Choose Your Own Adventure book.

2016-08-07 - 00.04.08 ~ Cropped Capture

I don't get why they're laughing but ok

I wish Jack and Finn still posted but they are going to go so far in life and I'm really proud of them

Funny Pictures Of People Having Fun With Statues

Here are some people who are having way too much fun with statues. The Abe Lincoln one is so wrong but hilarious!