Perspective taking activities that work great with Zones of Regulation & Social Thinking!

Target perspective taking, social cognition and emotional regulation skills with 5 NO PREP activities: Trading Places: Students pretend to be someone else (mother, cousin, teacher) and question each other on likes/dislikes. Making Smart Guesses:

Perspective Detective - from the blog, lunchbuddiesplus

Perspective Detective

A fun way to work on perspective taking with your students. These scenario cards help students think about what they need to know in order to make .

If you have students with autism or other social challenges, this game is a great way to work on thinking about your friend's perspective. Also, a great way for all students to get to know each other!"In This Order" is a game designed for students to think about what their peers like most.

In This Order: A Social Skills Game About Perspective Taking

An example of students completing one of the learning activities from The Zones of Regulation Curriculum (Kuypers, 2011) to teach how our behavior impacts others thoughts, feelings and actions.

Perspective Taking

The site has lots of lunch buddies- social skills group activities, lots of which are based on Social Thinking.

Talk about what friends and family like, qualities that are nice or not, and use problem solving and perspective taking skills in this fun game. $

Social Skills Activities: Perspective Taking Activities for Getting Along

perspective taking lessons (great website with lots of lesson ideas!)

I got this idea from here , but altered it a bit. We started by watching the video, "Friends" on BrainPop Jr . We discussed what we know about being a friend and shared stories with each other.

Perspective Taking & Social Expectations

Social Skills Lesson: perspective taking and hidden rules. Note: Lots of social skills lessons and resources on this page.

Can You See It My Way? A Perspective Taking Activity

Can You See It My Way? A Perspective Taking Activity

We know that students working on social skills can have a difficult time seeing situations from multiple points of view. This activity helps them practice