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Who could yell at a kid for this kid of graffiti?


I collect tea cups and coffee pots from my trips. Would love to print this and display with the collection! "Come let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things" - illustration by Jen Roffe.


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a very British saying ;)

Other posters you may like: 'If David Tennant can't fix it then it is a serious problem.' And 'If Loki Laufeyson can't make it worse then it is a serious problem.

Tea is crucial to add to your home and beauty routine. Ginger Spice Tea is simple to make, great for your skin and gives you a great sense of relaxation!

Spoon Rest I need in my life serenitea; the feeling you get after drinking Calming Herbal Tea Blend.

I thought it will give you warm heart^not "cold"... You know heat is rising, so feet can be cold and heart is still warm. We are at Sct. Hans. What are sweet you doing besides missing me like I am you♥️

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yep! And  good tea please!

It’s Time for a Cuppa Tea. It’s time for a cuppa tea indeed – my favourite drink, my sustenance throughout the day. I reckon I consume at least at least 8 cups a day including English breakfast, green tea and black iced tea – straight no sugar please!

I love this wallpaper it makes me feel good to wake up and first this I see it.

Today is the perfect day to be happy quotes quote happy happy quotes happiness quotes

I say this to my children every night, except I correct the grammar. No point in telling them how smart they are and then teach them to conjugate improperly ;)

You is kind, you is smart, you is important. from "The Help". love the Skeeter character from this movie!