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Puerto López, Manabí, Ecuador. Así se vive allí!

Puerto López, Manabí, Ecuador. Así se vive allí!

Five Things to Do in Baños on a Budget

five things to do in baños on a budget

Home of adventure sports, Baños can prove a little costly for budget backpackers. We spent several days exploring the area whilst keeping an eye on the pennies. Here are five awesome things to do in Baños on a budget!

If you love chocolate, this article is for you: one traveler's report on 21 different kinds of chocolate in Ecuador. Positiv Turismo, Quito. positivturismo.com.

Ecuador Chocolate - Ranking the 21 Chocolate Bars We Ate in Ecuador

Kallari brand Ecuadorian Chocolate Bars - Are Any Worth Your Time? These chocolates are good and taste, from the best Ecuadorian cacaos!

Path's End - Quito, Pichincha- Ecuador

Path's End - Quito, Pichincha- Ecuador

Puerto Lopez. #fishermen #fish #seagulls #beaches   https://www.pinterest.com/pin/80924124532843094/

Puerto Lopez. #fishermen #fish #seagulls #beaches https://www.pinterest.com/pin/80924124532843094/

Puerto Lopez, Ecuador. http://internationalliving.com/countries/ecuador/

Ecuador lies in the northwestern corner of South America, bordered by Colombia to the north, Peru to the south and east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

A meringue vendor in Ecuador

Photo Slideshow of Cuenca, Ecuador

Ecuadorian street food - Helados de paila

15 Ecuadorian street foods you must try – Visiting Ecuador

Top Ecuadorian street food dishes to try when visiting Ecuador, from empanadas to espumilllas and salchipapas.