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15 Con-Artists Admit Their Most Successful Scams

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Not sure if Adam Sandler used to be funny Or I was just 12 Futurama Fry

At this point, maybe I'd rather give up my voice then pay them back.

Funny pictures about College loans. Oh, and cool pics about College loans. Also, College loans.

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I still like making blanket forts and doodling on myself, why would I be ready to answer your question with anything other than "I want to be an author, actress, and traveler"?

On weekends...

On weekends...

Hahahaha so true!

In college you see people riding scooters wearing snuggies probably munching yestrdays pizza like you go random person


i laughed. and laughed and laughed some more. but this is actually a really awesome plan: get a girlfriend, kiss her, rule the world, save the universe!

Oh my god yes!

I can’t get over how accurate this is // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - what people ask of 18 year olds

My friend lost his virginity last night...

My friend lost his virginity last night...

Barbershop Meme  I feel as though this is David Wright in a nutshell.

Pretty much spot on. This is how I felt in math class in high school. So glad I went to college and found teachers who could teach math.