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You’re not the only one who saved gay shit, waiting for the day I can finally show you

You’re not the only one who saved gay shit, waiting for the day I can finally show you

Pardon me for yelling...

an accurate summary of Shiro

There is not a day that goes by where we don't give thanks, feel truly blessed & are grateful for this journey we will begin once our little princess arrives next month...

For my daughter: I feel like you are the reward for everything I did right in my life. Amazing quote for your child!

Sometimes we're the ones that have to say #thankyou! #memories #trust #camera #photo

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somehow easier said than done.

'there is so much of my dark past that i am yet to tell, there is so much that i dealt with all alone. there are so many things i an yet to tell you my love that will scare the life out of you'



what did it mean to you any of it

sterility: what did it mean to

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Vector is blue, Carver is grey

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me, but softer

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[...:..::..i love you more than i can ever scream..::..:...]

You brought me alive . I was unaware of how it felt to have a real friend with the same flaws I have and who walks in compassion thank you

i can feel you forgetting me...

The hardest part of distance is not knowing weather the person will miss you or forget you- kim I feel your forgetting me.

We may never see each other again, or even speak, but you will always have a huge chunk of me:) that's never gonna change and I'll always love ya;-)

I'll always be in love with u from the deepest parts of my heart. It's so painful watching you leave.

Thank You For Staying By My Side

To my friends and family. I love you.