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not ok

Relax, you're OK. An article on self acceptance and how accepting your flaws is the best and only way to improve upon them.


cute monster print, birthday gift, kids bedroom - Learn to love your inner monster

on my wrist

This saying is in French, and a typical association we have with France is fancy things, and this font is fancy and scripted for that reason. I like this font.

Just like Mr Ed

Dog Quotes If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog buscuits in your pocket and then giving your only two of them.

Be brave. Stand up.
... Who knew he would say something I completely agree w/ ?!!! Lol

this is NOT an eminem quote. It's Winston Churchill. Eminem re-quoted him and people always mistake this for his quote. But I still really like the quote.

putting this in my bathroom. motivation on the DAILY. || motivational and inspirational quotes by Robert Schuller

What would I do. I would INSPIRE others to NOT GIVE UP. Motivate, Don't Procrastinate and Focus on your Path, Journey and your Hearts Inner Desire!

Aubry Hepburn in dress | audrey hepburn quotes | Dress Your Best

I Love Audrey! I have to frame her photos I brought back from New York while shopping with two of my gurls, Diane Pennisi and Christine Vela. I do believe in Miracles, thank you Audrey for this inspiration!