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Chamber by TheCaybo on DeviantArt

A warm-up sketch of Chamber.

themarvelproject: “Illyana Rasputin as Magik from the New Mutants by Phil Noto (2011) ”

themarvelproject: Illyana Rasputin as Magik from...

illyana rasputin or magik from "The New Mutants". Illustration by Phil Noto.

Warlock of the New Mutants by on @DeviantArt

Warlock of the New Mutants by SpiderGuile on DeviantArt

The New Mutants

The New Mutants, the X-Men's sister squad, get snazzy new wardrobes

Note: One of our most industrious P:R Regulars Daniel Govar returns to the site to give us more from his imaginative take on Marvel's New Mutants. Continuing on from his New Mutants Collection from last year, Govar given us new takes on Dani Moonstar (aka

The X-Men returned from space and fought and defeated the New Mutants. Then Xavier transformed into a Brood Queen and they defeated him. Using advanced Shi'ar technology, Xavier's mind was transplanted into a cloned body, which would eventually allow him to walk again. He apologized for his actions and invited the New Mutants to stay at the school, which they did.

comicbookartwork: “ New Mutants ” By Bob McLeod.

New Mutants by Bob McLeod

Marvel Comics of the Meeting Bob McLeod at the Toronto Expo Fan Appreciation Event

Marvel Comics of the 1980s: New Mutants by Bob McLeod

Marvel Comics of the New Mutants by Bob McLeod