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Image by ょぅι ゙ょ

Image by ょぅι ゙ょ

ALL I CAN THINK IS OF IS SAM YELLING AT FURRY..."It's not like they put the floor numbers on the outside of the building!"

Writer, dreamer and resident cyberpunk. The brain that collates this visualgasm also assembles words into post-cyberpunk dystopia: my writing Check out my Ko-fi page!

Violet Aesthetic, Purple Aesthetic, Neon Lighting, Neon Signs, Lilac Sky, Twitter Headers, Glitch, Viola, Pantone

Different perspective: This portrait of Stephanie Tubbs Jones is viewed from an angle so the different layers can be seen

Face off: The extraordinary 3D sculptures of people's heads made from recycled goods

usagi artists are weird by ericleeart

usagi artists are weird by ericleeart for More. for More.