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Zara didn't waste her energy on trying to hide her tears. She pressed a hand against the window that separated her from the rush of the operating room, pounding her palm off the sheet of glass over and over again. She wanted to be in there. She wanted to help. But she knew that she was more help away from the action. The swarming team of doctors quickly pressed the electrodes to his chest and forehead, their own foreheads creased in thought. A stifled sob escaped Zara as she realized they…

Your character is a nurse at the hospital. His brother Aaron comes in everyday, and your character finds herself slowly falling in love with Aaron.

I bet it was overwhelming. A ten year olds life is in your hands.

[SET OF GIFS] Jensen supernatural convention panel talks about Dead in the Water that is one of my favorite scenes>>>that was at the first gathering of spn fans ever

Question is do I put it in my harry Potter board or my supernatural board?

Question is do I put it in my harry Potter board or my supernatural board? <<< I put it in my super crossover board!


This made me laugh so hard! << Please keep your arms and legs inside the hula hoop at all times, thank you for riding Air Hula.<<<I can't, I can't even omg😂

Dean's drum solo!;)

Of course we do i love how this fandom literally has a reaction gif or pic for literally everything

Lol Jensen. Hes my favorite<3

This is my favorite. I love how Jensen's usually offended when people joke about him and Jared being gay for each other, and Jared just goes with it