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Free One Day Pass - Click to activate #Oswestry #Shrewsbury #MarketDrayton #Whitchurch #Shropshire #Free

Free One Day Pass - Click to activate #Oswestry #Shrewsbury #MarketDrayton #Whitchurch #Shropshire #Free

So sweet, that hit me right in the feels. I just don't why people have a problem with couples who are the same gender, I just don't understand. For example i don't understand what Catholics' problem with some people being gay or lesbian? They say al the time that 'God' loves us all for who we are but they judge people for who they are anyway, like WTF man, what's your problem?

I don't get why people put 'gay' infront of everything. Love is love no matter what. I can't wait 'til the day people wont call it a 'gay couple' but just a 'couple', a 'gay marriage' but just a 'marriage'. Praying for it to happen.

I'm gonna use this one day! Senior prank! Yes!<<-Post the results on the internet please

Skipping school like a boss. Clinomania is what I'm gonna have tomorrow why were you absent?

One Day...I will be there...one day... (but seriously this is why I love them they know us so well)

One Day.I will be there.one day. (but seriously this is why I love them they know us so well)<<< one day I will make it to a meet up I swear

:-D my husband seen a lady making this at work one day and he had her show him how to do it on lunch break and he came home and made us one I still have it and that was about 4 years ago.

Make a 3D Paper Snowflake

How to make a paper star snowflake decoration? It can be made from tiny sized tree ornaments to. The post The Perfect DIY paper star Snowflakes appeared first on The Perfect DIY.

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When Cat Stevens/Yusuf smiled at us all & spoke of Mohammed as "the Last Prophet" I hadn't heard that til then.and with a smile one, I see this 2 months almost to the day ~ I live;

I will have this tattoo one day, for my nan. http://tattoo-ideas.us

One of the most captivating moments, a butterfly with a gorgeous fairy wings. It is subtile, elegant and sexy, representing freedom and love.