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(Courtesy of Go-Girl and Shewee)

Hot waterproof gadgets for the summer: The 2015 edition

Go-Girl portable bathroom divice for women.now you too can pee standing if needed.

destination: india #illustration

Destination: INDIA, Inspirational Photos & Stories

You laugh!...but when the apocalypse comes and there's nowhere else to pee, this could come in handy!

Go Girl™

Go Girl Feminine Urination Device- maybe I could pee in the wilderness with this fancy thing! This thing is so ridiculously stuuupid

Travelon Toiletry Sheets

Travelon Toiletry Sheets Make Packing for Flights Easier

Travelon Toiletry Sheets - Tap the LINK now to see all our amazing accessories, that we have found for a fraction of the price

Build Your Own Solar Charger with Voltaic's DIY Kits

Build Your Own Solar Charger with Voltaic's DIY Kits

Make a solar charger in a box! For batteries and cell phone  ML: If you do your own, you'll get a priceless skill... but no matter if you by one also.

DIY Solar USB Charger - Altoids

a simple do-it-yourself solar USB charger that fits cozily in an Altoid tin! The DIY project will charge most mobile devices via USB using 2 rechargeable AA batteries and flexible thin-film solar panels. Read to learn what you need to build your own!

Holiday Travel Tips: 6 Travel Accessories You Absolutely NEED

Holiday Travel Tips: 6 Travel Accessories You Need

Tis the season for family travel! We have some travel tips today that will make your life MUCH easier: 6 must-have travel accessories.

How to survive in your home during an emergency

How To Survive In Your Home During An Emergency

10 percent of Americans are prepared for a natural disaster. There are on average 50 natural disaster across the country each year. Below is Movoto’s guide on how to survive in your home during an emergency.

Store your liquids at the bottom of your emergency kit, then fill it with necessities like food, medication and clothing.

Easy to grab & go Disaster survival kit: use a portable container (ex. Store liquids at bottom of container ->reduce chances of damage from leaking plastic bottles. Put food, first aid kit & clothes on top.