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Silk dress, dated c. 1836. Deutsches Historisches Museum: either 99006495 or KT 99/350 (I can't tell which). Site in German.

Silk dress, dated c. Deutsches Historisches Museum: either 99006495 or KT (I can't tell which).

Dress  silk / muslin / metal   maker unknown  thought to have been worn by Elizabeth Marsden, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia  1825 - 1835   Powerhouse Museum Collection

Dress Worn by Elizabeth Marsden from Australia, 1830 Australian Dress Register, Powerhouse Museum “ Elizabeth and Samuel Marsden married at Holy Trinity church in Hull, Yorkshire, on 21 April

Detail of dress, dated c.1838, Great Britain. V&A: # T.51-2002. Chain-stitching along bodice pleats.


1838 English woven silk satin, lined with cotton and glazed cotton, bodice pleats decorated with chain stich, sleeves trimmed with silk braid, hem edge with woollen braid Dress