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kaiayame: “Look, I didn’t want to be a half-blood.” || I don't quite agree with some of the portrayals here. These are Greek myths not African. It stands to reason that your Greek gods are…Greek looking. since, you know, they were invented by the people that used them. Whitewashing is bad, but neither should you take characters that would be historically of lighter skin and racebend them.

“Look, I didn’t want to be a half-blood.” (Although I don&amp t really agree with the images of some characters most of them are pretty good XD)

Lol-- I really like this because Nico probably worries that people, his friends included, like Will better. While he's completely embarrassed by his friends threatening Will, it showed him that they would always have his back...

This is exactly how i feel the seven would treat Will. Nico gets more and more embaressed so cute<<<<< this is a reference to parks and I'm dead


I have never seen the Eragon movie. I haven't seen the Avatar the Last Airbender movie either, but I heard it was really bad. The Percy Jackson movies were horrible. From what I heard I think ATLA movie takes the prize for the worst.

XD #solangelo<< the fandom agrees that they are the dorkiest dorks in the world!!

I can see 20 -year-old Nico hiding under the bed to scare Will and getting stuck

I started to like Jason a lot more after he and Percy started the bromancing. ;)

I started to like Jason a lot more after he and Percy started the bromancing.) <<<< I started liking Jason a lot more after HoH, and after BoO Jason's one of my favorite characters, and now Jercy is one of my favorite BrOTPs

Oh Annabeth getting all defensive over her man.

lol annabeth freakin out. it's funny, yet scary at the same time! I would kiss Nico kill hazel and marry Leo!

Fish just want to swim!

Yeah Jason the fishies wanna keep swimming.hehe just keep swimming.

Awwww everyone probably started screaming in excitement and congratulating the both of them because... just Percabeth!

PERCABETH ~ Aphrodite approves- I approve- everybody approves- if you don't. No one needs your approval!