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Honeycrisp vintage photos from the late 80s of Apple's offices, factories and people, by Bill Gallery.

Honeycrisp vintage photos from the late of Apple's offices, factories and people, by Bill Gallery.

A billboard becomes a place for interactive play, made into a swing set with incredible views of New York City by artist Didier Faustino. Entitled ‘Double Happiness’, the project “responds to the society of materialism where individual desires seem to be prevailing over all. This nomad piece of urban furniture allows the reactivation of different public spaces and enables inhabitants to reappropriate fragments of their

Billboard converted to a swing set. "Paris-based architect Didier Faustino made this cool swing set out of a converted advertising billboard for the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bi-City Biennial of Urbanism and Architecture.

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Blow Job Face Art by Tadas Cerniauskas

During a design Weekend in Vilnius, photographer Tadas Černiauskas held one of the craziest photo shoots ever called "Blow Job"

The next time you want to check Twitter when you're in the bathroom, you might not even need to bring your smartphone with you. An entertainment start-up known as Collector's Edition launched a new product that takes your Twitter feed and for $35 prints it on four rolls of toilet paper. Customers can print their Twitter feeds, their timelines, their favorite tweets, or even decide to print others' feeds. LOL!

Twitter feed printed on toilet paper

Lovin bright stripes! Matthias Heiderich

Matthias Heiderich Part II

Bolinhas de Sabão

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Find all you need to know about escape proof dog crates at doggy toggery! Keep your dog busy.

Nakagin apartment building in Shinbashi, Tokyo, Japan: architect by Kisho Kurokawa

Photographed by Jon sheer a collective of photographs of Japanese landscapes Nakagin apartment building in Shinbashi, Tokyo, Japan: architect by Kisho Kurokawa

волшебный лес миядзаки: 11 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

The flight paths of fireflies are made visible in these beautiful long exposure photos taken by photographer Yume Cyan in a forest near Nagoya, Japan.

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Photo with a unique perspective...

I love this entire room portrait series by meno adden

Pakistani children enjoy swings in the slums of Karachi, Pakistan (Fareed Khan/Associated Press)

Caballitos de Totora, Huanchaco

Totora Boats or also called Reed Boats have been sailing around Lake Titicaca in Peru and Bolivia for thousands of years and are among the oldest known types of boats.