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TWINKIES ARE BACK! Here’s How We’re Planning To Celebrate

Gift ideas and toy suggestions featuring your child's favorite Nick and Nick Jr.

mommy vs dady meme 19 (1)

23 Hilarious Mom Vs Dad Memes That Show The Difference Of Parenting Styles

It's Father's Day – in Celebration of Dads Everywhere – Bless Them All .


What happens in your house after the kids go to bed. Mostly true.

When Does Pregnancy Sharing Become Oversharing? RIGHT HERE! #pregnancyfacts #pregnancyhumor #pregnancy

When Does Pregnancy Sharing Become Oversharing? Very funny by via Would be a great PSA for friends pregnant for the first time.

Behind The LIES Of America’s Scented-Candle Industry

7 more realistic names for scented candles.should all be headache trigger.

Sexting For Married People -- the lice one made me snort

LOOK: When Parents 'Sext'...

Texting Or, Sexting, for Married People. The first one is so funny, I'm still crying!


It’s Parenting Bingo! The game that reminds you where in the hell your day went.

Just give them a Popsicle.

A guide to making breakfast for a toddler! Yup that sounds pretty accurate!

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Encouragement Ecard: Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves for we shall never cease to be amused.

"Over's" unite! This drives me insane if it's under

Just for Fun FridayThe Great Debate

Biggest pet peeve is when the toilet paper is facing the wrong way! Finally someone understands me!

14 Annoying Phrases Your Kids Won’t Stop Saying. Have we really grown up out of all of them?

Life with Fingerprints:What day is it...

What day is it

Nobody is happier than a camel on Wednesday.cuz its Humpday! Get your Happy Humpday Camel from RowdyTease.


Food safety 101