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Hell yes and amen and hallelujah all in the same. Makes perfect sensible thing as well as believe there is good in every person but they let that shine through With the real all from within at the same time.

Sometimes I Climb the Walls and Lie on the Ceiling

The person you love should bring you comfort and happiness. They shouldn't cause you upset, grief, or stress.

Life is hard enough . They should be your safest place to be yourself .

Oh really?.. cause m dying of u.. R u even thinking about me

Oh, well I shouldn't get attached to book characters then. <-- also me but I have a real person in mind too 😔 I was honestly completely in love with him and he felt the same way but now we don't even talk. But I still love him.

The right man for you will pursue you. Actively. He won't leave you wondering whether he's into you or not.

You had that and he was the one you said God brought to you and that you loved whole heart and soul. You threw him away for a thug only Satan would bring to you, someone God clearly and repeatedly throughout His word tells you not to be with!