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Hang a bow outside the door for Halloween (:

Hang a bow outside the door for Halloween (:

The "Tutu Witch" look that I'm goin' for this Halloween :)

Creative Costume Ideas

HOCUS POCUS ADULT Witch Halloween Costume - I haven't gone to a Halloween party in years but this would be a cute (and modest) costume should I ever go to one again.

Örümcekleri beklemeye ne gerek? Kendi ağımızı kendimiz öreriz!

halloween DIY: yarn, sticks, & spider webs

DIY: yarn, sticks, & spider webs- a fun craft for kids that lets them make their very own spider web, god's eye style

halloween bingo

Free Printable Halloween BINGO

Vanilla pudding orange sprinkles and crushed oreos

Halloween parfaits - vanilla pudding, orange sprinkles, and crushed oreos. These perfectly poisonous parfaits from the Bewitching Halloween Party are so easy to make,

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DIY Craft: Paper Pumpkin Ornaments: A simple and easy craft project to do with your kindergarten students to prep for Halloween and Thanksgiving.


DIY haunted house Halloween cutout / kids project {We did this in grade school one year and I still think its a cool idea!

Melted Witch Puddles.  I would use green food dye on the white chocolate so it looks like the wicked witch!

Melted Witch Puddles Recipe- Recipes In honor of the doomed wicked witch in "The Wizard of Oz," we had fun fashioning these simply delicious snacks using a variety of convenience foods.Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Halloween Treats Using Googley Candy Eyes

25+ Candy Googley Eye Treats For Halloween

Pretzel rod candy treats for Halloween party snack table! Would make eyes out of chocolate. Those candy eyes are incredibly hard!

Spider nests: Fill white tights with cotton & black spider then stick some spiders onto the outside.  Hang them in the yard or front steps & enjoy the screams from visitors.  Adding spider webs to the surrounding area will enhance the effect.

DIY Halloween decor ideas :: Use a white stocking with stuffing inside and add more spiders to the bottom then around. You could also put a glow stick in a water balloon and have it look like they're surrounding a glowing egg sack.

Framed eye.......for the front door?? My kids would love to do this!!

Framed eye - awesome for the front door for Halloween. With a bit of tweaking, it could be Mad-Eye Moody's eye on Umbridge's office door.