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Dinosaure coloring picture

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Carnotaurus, called Carnotaurs, was a species of scavenging dinosaur that lived in the late Cretaceous period 75 million years ago. They appear as the main antagonists in the 2000 Disney CG film Dinosaur, alongside Kron. The Carnotaurs are vicious-looking, meat-eating dinosaurs with red scales, large tails, sharp teeth, and short horns. The larger Carnotaur is obviously male, while the smaller Carnotaur is female.


Carnotaurus, also known as Carnotaurs ("Meat-eating bull"), were a species of carnivorous.

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Carnotaurus sastrei By Sam Stanton on Name: Carnotaurus sastrei Name Meaning: Sastre’s Meat-eating bull First Described: 1985 Described By: Bonaparte Classification: Dinosauria,.

Baylene- Dinosaur

Baylene is the elderly Brachiosaurus from Pooh's Adventures of Dinosaur.