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Tom Hiddleston on Twitter: "To all the Loki lovers out there: your messages of support & delight have been AMAZING. Here's a pic to say "thank you" http://t.co/QX0Rt4vp"

Tom Hiddleston on

Tom Hiddleston rocking a Loki "I do what I want! So much awesome. I WANT THIS<<<<< the shirt or him? I want both!

Oh, wow...it's true...

hahahahahaha Have you ever noticed that one side of Tom Hiddleston's face always looks really intense and strong and the other side looks really innocent and sorrowful? (I'm gonna kill your family. with ice-cream and flowers.

Growing up is when you stop being scared of villains and start wanting to have sex with them.

Growing up changes things…

Funny pictures about Growing up changes things. Oh, and cool pics about Growing up changes things. Also, Growing up changes things.

Love this man.

This man is awesome! Tom Hiddleston continues to treat ladies with respect while others are so negative about them. I hope a lot of people look up to him and realize that this is how to treat someone to get respect

Tom Hiddleston with kids. Cute level 8000000000!! He is so good to his young fans, with all his fans really. And of course with his friends kids. The man is amazing

the-haven-of-fiction: “natanula: “Tom Loves Kids And Kids Love Tom” *hangs blinking neon Vacancy sign over lady parts* ”

Loki, God of Mischief! Omg! That's crazy!

Loki, God of Mischief

Funny pictures about Tom is the man. Oh, and cool pics about Tom is the man. Also, Tom is the man.

Tom Hiddleston being bad-ass..

Loki takes over SD Comic con--worth pinning just for the best caption I've ever read

Let's be honest, we'd all let tom take whatever the hell he wants

Tom Hiddleston Tag Funny LOL He's out of control! First it's a shilling, then a horse, then your country, then the planet!

yes this part in the movie made me cry so much

I'm not going to lie, when I went to see Thor I was going in thinking Thor was the hottest thing on earth. And then THIS GUY showed up on screen and I was done. Then Loki decided to play with my emotions and the rest is history. Exude me while I go cry………