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office tower with crops on the outside.

Vertical farming, also known as urban agriculture, gives hope for feeding our ever-growing population. Get ideas for starting your vertical farm.

Pasona HQ in Tokyo

Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

I love the set up for the plants in the wall! Using both hydroponic and soil based farming, Pasona Urban Farm

The creators of the Water-Scraper believe that the effects of climate change mean it’s “only a natural progression that we will populate the seas someday." #design

10 innovative ideas that let us live on water

The Water-Scraper Designed by Malaysian architect Sarly Adre bin Sarkum. The building would generate its own power using wave-power, solar energy and wind power, and has its own farms, including aquaculture and hydroponics farms.

The future of food

The Future of Food: 11 Unique Urban Farming Projects

If there weren't any pesky practical limitations, what world-changing device would you invent? In the second installment of Babelgum and GOOD's new Big Ide

This vertical farm will provide Wyoming residents with 100,000lbs of fresh produce each year | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

This vertical farm will provide Wyoming residents with 100,000 lbs of fresh produce each year

Built on a 30 by strip of land in Jackson, Wyoming, Vertical harvest will provide residents with sustainably-farmed locally-sourced produce.

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sustainable design of Ann Ha and Behrang Behin’s, Living Pavilion was a low-tech, low-impact installation

Edifício Verde. #arquitetura #sustentável #reciclavel

Arquitetura sustentável ainda encontra barreiras em Manaus

55558 Jack Mountain Rd, Frenchglen, OR 97736 Directions, Location and Map | MapQuest

55558 Jack Mountain Rd, Frenchglen, OR 97736 Directions, Location and Map

Urban Farming in Paris

Another incredible design by SOA architects. Check out more here fabriciomora: Architects: Laboratoire D’urbanisme Agricole P.

C-Q Project / JSª There are amazing architecture projects around the world. Here you can see every type of project, since buildings, to bridges or even other physical structures. Enjoy and see more at

Gallery of C-Q Project / JSª - 22

Tragbar Grün Gehäuse: Das EcoBitat von Felipe Campolina ist eine nachhaltige und bezahlbare

Portable Green Housing

Runner up at Something Green Challenge, the “ECObitat” is a prefab that lets the inhabitants adapt a sustainable lifestyle without compromising their everyday needs. The brainchild of Brazilian designer Felipe Campolina, the modular system in.

Gallery of Living Walls - Habitat Horticulture. How cool is this! NB&T can make plant labels for your living walls.

Adore the idea of living walls/rooftops; I'm a city girl through and through, and this is awesome for the environment and gives you a garden of your own. > Gallery of Living Walls - Habitat Horticulture